The Wedding Bouquet

As experienced wedding photographers, we know what a crucial role the bride’s bouquet plays on the wedding day and …. like the dress, is meant to be enjoyed throughout this special day. It provides a beautiful opening page detail shot to any wedding album … the flowers beckon you in with their beauty and elegance … and promise of so much more to come!

The bride’s bouquet provides that magnificent “pop” of color against the whiteness of the bridal gown, something a wedding photographer is always on the lookout for. It is also the perfect prop for the bride to utilize during her wedding day photo sessions … it gives her something to do with her hands and diverts her attention from the fact that she is in front of the camera thus allowing for a more natural looking image.

Other members of the day get to enjoy the flowers too …. kids are fascinated and love the important task of holding the flowers … adding to the already fairytale feeling to their day.  Sometimes, even the groom gets the honor … giving the bride’s arm a bit of a rest (oh, by the way, try to keep it light …. a bouquet can get heavy after a few hours!).

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