Pet Photography at Madrigal Studio

People ask, “Which is more difficult, photographing children or pets?” A good question and the truth is, both are challenging, always fun and full of surprises. Here are a few tips that have worked for us in photographing the myriad of pets that have come to Madrigal Studio over the years.

Something familiar helps, a rubber ducky or a blanket for instance?

Pet Photography

Get down to the level of your pet …. that’s where the great communication can occur !

It helps when they know they are beautifully groomed … or are dressed to kill …. or know they have treats awaiting!

Pet Photographer photographs dogs in studio
Photograph of pet at Madrigal Studio

Of course, being surrounded by those who love them is always a sure-fire way to get a smile!

Family Photography with Pet
Pet Photograph
Pet Photography

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