Enjoy That Dress!

As one of Rockland County’s premier Wedding Photography studios, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with wedding dresses! The first order of business is to get the dress out of the bag, onto an attractive hanger, into a position for optimum light and with an appealing background for photographing. Dresses are often heavy, long, delicate and … very white. Needless to say, care in handling is of upmost importance. So the day begins for “the dress” … way before it is even zipped, buttoned, and tied.

Understandably, brides are reluctant to get the dress too soiled before the expectant groom or guests see them and before they even walk down the aisle but remember, this is your one and only day to wear this dress and the photos will be something to be enjoyed forever. So, our counsel is to put that dress on enjoy it to the hilt! Do not be too afraid of grass, sand, bugs that fly into the tulle, or flowers that drip a little water. None of this will be noticeable in the photos, can be fixed afterwards if need be, and guests will notice less than you think. They are so busy admiring the radiance of the bride as she walks down the aisle!

Here are a few examples of brides who have really enjoyed their dresses … and the results are truly fun to behold. These brides are walking through grass, sand, and New York City streets and they are having fun doing it. They will remember the day as carefree – not fraught with worry!

Finally …. you can have the ultimate good time and “take the plunge” as this bride did at a recent wedding we photographed in Palm Beach, FL. at the Omphoy Hotel and Beach Resort. Needless to say .. a really cool time was had by all.

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